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Welcome to Moscow, Russian Federation

I have traveled and lived in the City of Moscow for over ten (10) years. During this time I have had the distinct and wonderful experience in making many long term friendships with the Citizens of Russia along with developing many trusted business relationships living in Moscow and many regions of the Russian Federation and related Countries.

I welcome you to contact me at anytime. Based in the Boston, Massachusetts, serving the Northeast USA and Upstate New York area; along with my professional staff and associates I can advise, counsel and assist you and your organization in visiting, establishing business or serving your personal and confidential interests to include translation, travel arrangements, visa assistance and contingency support services.

My experience as a qualified and respected businessman in the real estate, finance, environmental, engineering, construction, petroleum, finance and banking interests may be a valuable and intangible resource to you. My business acumen and combined legal understanding enhanced by my everyday real experience living and conducting business in Moscow, Russia may provide an invaluable asset in your personal and business interests and ultimate decision making process.

A major goal and objective in our interests are to further enhance International relations between the People of Russia and the Region and the People of the United States. As in the past, we look forward to continuing to support humanitarian and educational programs that have included the Chernobyl and various established Children·s Aid Programs.

My experienced and trusted Russian business associates can provide legal, informational, investigative, and personal consultation on sensitive matters in the most privileged and confidential discrete manner you can expect and rely upon. Many of my trusted associates based in Moscow and Boston can provide assistance in the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Moldova Latvia and Lithuania

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if I can be of assistance.

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Joseph V. Polsinello
Prezident, Licensed Site Professional
Norwell Office
Greater Boston Area
150 Longwater Drive, Suite 101
Norwell, Massachusetts 02061
Office: (781) 878-0318  
Cell: (518) 463-7800
Email: inlandprofcorp@yahoo.com
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